Monday, June 12, 2006

State of the cleveland indians

So Tribe fans, here we are more then 50 games into this mlb season and what do you think of our cleveland indians? Are you proud to be a fan? If you are, you need not read the rest of this blog, you won't like what I have to say!

This team for the most part, is a complete and utter mess. Who's to blame for this? Well, let's go straight to the top, shall we? Larry Dolan, this is about to erupt right in your face and the disappointing thing is you might actually be along to watch it fall apart, to the point were your mess can't be cleaned up! What on earth are you doing with this team, other then running it into the ground? You have money SPEND IT!Oh, and by the way Larry. no I don't want to hear you threaten and minipulate the fans by telling them your not going to spend money on the team untill they start coming to the games. Making those types of statments is very degrating, and coincidently Larry, the days of sell outs every night are over, give us a good product to watch, and we will come. If you feel that way then sell the team Larry and get out of Cleveland, the way you run this team is a crime, and I like everyother fan am tired of it!

Mark Shapiro, I like you, I think if you are in a place were you could actually spend money to make a team better, that you would be even better at waht you do. You however, are not with out a little bit of blame for this. My big beef with you is that if you were not going to bring back Kevin Milwood, or Scott Elarton, in favor of giving a spot to a younger pitcher and spending money elsewhere fine. Please actually do it though! I guess I can understand that Pual Byrd was something that you had to do because there was not much starting pitching available in free agency, but Jason Johnson? Your reasons for bringing him here are totally something that escape me! Infact I think that you had no reason then, and you still have no reason now for that!

Eric Wedge, how you still have a job as the manager of a major league baseball team also escapes me, because there are high school girls softball teams that look better then yours does on the field right now. They errors on defense, the fact that your pitchers do not look runners on base back, after they walk them, that your bullpen is just a mess. Guess who that is all a reflection of Eric? You and your managing capabilites, which don't look like much now mind you. If your job is not hanging in the balance right now then it will be soon. You have totally no control over this team do you?

As stated earlier this season has been a totaly disaster and there are no signs it will turn around anytime soon. It can be, will it. Some serious changes need to be made for it to!